We have a full functioning sharpening service that includes: forging, finish grind & heat treat.  This trade has been mastered with over 40 years of expertise.

Sharpening Services:

Reforge, Finish Grind & Heat-Treat All Demolition Steel - Breaker, Chipper, Electric & Hydraulic

Recondition/Sharpen Picks, Mattocks & Digging Bars (Straighten Digging Bars)

Recondition/Sharpen Boom Mounted Tools

Sharpen Carbide Roto-Hammer Bits

Sharpen Stump Grinder Teeth

Sharpen Wood Chipper Knives

Sharpen Electrician Bits

Sharpen Twist Drill Bits

Sharpen Carbide Rock Bits

Carbide Services:

Re-Tip Carbide Core Bits

Re-Tip Carbide Roto Hammer Bits



Finish Grind.

Finish Grind.